Roadmap : features and ideas for Mapix CMS future versions

This document describes features that may be added to Mapix CMS in the future.
Features or priority may change. If you have any suggestion, email us at

Version number

Version number = (Milestone).(Major feature).(Minor feature or Revision number)

Current version is 0.9.3

Features legend

+ : Under development
- : Will be developed

Milestone 0 (beta version)

  • + Implement basic templates and schemas :
    • + form (xforms)
  • + Implement or import basic services :
    • - database access object
  • + Implement an OpenID simple consumer
  • + XML Editor : Implement specific controls for attributes/elements depending on their xsd:type
    • - Files
    • - Enumeration
  • + Debug XSL Templates to remove ALL namespaces from XHTML output (except the default for the XHTML document)
  • + Improve Folder Editor :
    • + Sort files on list view
    • + Implement lock/unlock files
  • + Implement a package manager where users will be able to check, upgrade or delete packages versions
  • Add the page status attribute for handling any http status code
  • Implement PHP SOAP Client/Server and add the service type attribute (http/soap)
  • Handle XML parse errors properly (eventually propose a rollback on the last modified file ?)

Milestone 1

Mapix 1.0 back office will be entirely redesigned with the following objectives :

  • A complete accessible menu for each editor (not only a contextual menu)
  • A new "explorer" panel, with two tabs : folder explorer (filesystem tree), site explorer (sitemap tree)
  • An editor panel with tabs : each document will be "opened" in a new tab, that will allow to edit many document and to switch quickly from one to another
  • Use Ajax as far as possible to reduce time waste and useless reloading

Mapix 1.1+ will be the first stable versions, usable for production. Many modules will be developped :

  • blog
  • e-commerce
  • forum
  • planning
  • ...

Milestone 2

  • Mapix 2 will use a new mechanism : The Mapix map file will be replaced by the W3C standard XML Pipeline Language (XPL).
  • The main map file will be index.xpl, located at the document root.
  • Each HTTP request will instianciate the XPL Parser Service (/services/xpl.php) and use the nearer index.xpl file from the URI.
  • Each service will be considered as an XPL Process (xpl,xsl,folder,text,xml,image...)
  • There will no longer be a "core class", but only HTTP Services located in the /services folder
  • The XPL will decentralize Mapix CMS control and will provide much more freedom input/ouput controls and formats.

Long term ideas

Mapix core could then eventually be translated into multiple technologies to develop its portability :

  • Implement mapix for ASP / ASP.NET
  • Implement mapix client version with Javascript (full Ajax navigation)

All sites developed using Mapix CMS would in principle be compatible with such versions.