Installation instructions for Mapix


Mapix requires the following configuration :

  • Apache with .htaccess (mod_rewrite) enabled.
  • PHP 5.2+ with DOM, XSL and CURL extensions
  • PHP should NOT be run in Safe Mode (check your php.ini)
  • The convert program is required by the images editor (resize, crop, rotate)

Any other recommendation or security issue concerning mapix installation is welcome, please email me at or use mapix tracker at sourceforge.


  1. Download and untar the Mapix tarball in your webroot directory :

    					cd /path/to/webroot
    					tar -zxvf mapix-version.tar.gz
  2. Chown and chmod your webroot directory for your apache user to have read and write access :

    					chown -R . apache.apache
    					chmod -R 755 /path/to/webroot
  3. Go to your httpd.conf and set the following parameters in the Directory tag, then restart Apache :

    					AllowOverride All
    					php_admin_value open_basedir /path/to/webroot:/tmp 
  4. Customize the .htaccess to allow only your web host to access xsl and php services :

    uncomment the last part of the .htaccess file and replace localhost with your domain name (it seems that localhost doesn't work except when your site is called with http://localhost)

  5. Launch the welcome page on your favourite browser :

    					lynx http://yourserver/

Overview of Mapix default files and directories

Mapix CMS default site contains those files and directories :

.htaccessThis file is part of Mapix core package. It rewrites all URL that don't match an existing file to the .core/index.php program
.core/Mapix core package : main program, config file and core utilities
common/Mapix common package : templates and services shared by all sites, included the admin site
admin/Mapix back office package (optional)
doc/Mapix documentation package : a set of XML documents (like this one) to help you installing and getting started using Mapix CMS
demo/Mapix demo package : a sample site with a simple map and a set of XML documents to help you beginning a new site
index.mapThe main site map for the document root. This map usually loads a submap for each site or domain name handled by Mapix CMS.

Feel free to complete or to modify this organization to fit your needs,
but don't forget to check the .core/config.php file once you've done.

Notice concerning PHP services

Mapix aims to separate content from layout. PHP programs (services) are considered as dynamic content providers. PHP services should only be used to execute programs or system commands and should return (echo) a clean XML result with variables to display or use in XSL templates. Try not to use hardcoded HTML in PHP services. It is possible to use standalone PHP pages in your mapix site, but it isn't recommended.